16 January 2012

Crime Fiction Pick of the Month 2012 - a meme

Many crime fiction bloggers write a summary post at the end of each month listing what they've read, and some, like me, even go as far as naming their pick of the month.

This meme is an attempt to aggregate those summary posts.
It is an invitation to you to write your own summary post at the end of the month, identify your crime fiction best read of the month, and then visit MYSTERIES in PARADISE on the first day of the next month and add your post's URL to the Mr Linky that will be provided.

You can list all the books you've read in the past month on your post, even if some of them are not crime fiction, but I'd like you to nominate your crime fiction pick of the month.

That will be what you will list in Mr Linky too -
e.g. if we had run the meme last month my entry would look like this
ROSEANNA, Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo - MiP (or Kerrie)

There is no need to sign up, but you might like to let me know in a comment whether you think you will participate.
You are welcome to use the image on your post and it would be great if you could link your post back to the post on MYSTERIES in PARADISE.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - This is a really good idea to help people share their picks of the month!

Bev Hankins said...

If my crazy life will allow me to remember...I plan on participating.

Great meme idea!

neer said...

Great idea for a meme. I;ll be participating. Also I have started following your blog.

Cat said...

Good idea - I'll add my crime pick of the month to my monthly roundup.

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

I'm planning to join in too.

Sarah said...

I'm up for this too. Great idea, Kerrie.

Maxine Clarke said...

Good idea, Kerrie, I'll try to remember to add my link here as I usually do a monthly round-up.

Marce said...

Great idea Kerri, can't wait to join in for sure.

Your blog is so great for the Crime community.

Kerrie said...

Excellent - I'm glad to see so many enthusiastic participants.

Maria said...

I think you've read most or all of these, but there's some freeies listed for the Australia region on Books on the Knob (a site that finds and announced bargains.)


The site covers various countries and e-readers worldwide; it's a great site to sign up for or check daily! (I'm not affiliated with the site, but I get an email daily on the bargains.)


Kerrie said...

Thanks maria. Lots of good Agatha Christie stories there

Bernadette said...

I will be joining in too - and will see if I can read enough aussie crime fiction to do a pick at Fair Dinkum as well :)


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