9 January 2012

Best Crime Fiction Reads for 2011 - it's gonna take some time

Today I have begun the task of aggregating people's lists for their best crime fiction reads for 2011 as per the suggestions made so far.

With more than 40 lists of suggestions I've realised what a task it is going to be, complicated by the fact that some are just for books published in 2011 and others are for books read during 2011 regardless of publication date.

What I will produce eventually is
  • a list of all titles suggested
  • a list that shows which titles have been suggested multiple times
  • a list of all authors
  • a list that shows which authors have been suggested multiple times
Thank you to all who have submitted your lists. I'm sorry it is going to take so long to come up with a result, but I hope it will be worth the effort when it happens.

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