19 January 2012

Forgotten Book: A BOX OF TRICKS, Simon Brett

This is my contribution this week to Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books

My delight in the novels of began early and in particular I have enjoyed the Charles Paris and Fethering series. The record for A BOX OF TRICKS appears in my little green book  early in 1994.

As the cover says, this was Brett's first collection of short stories,  published in 1985.

12 stories including one featuring the boozy actor-detective Charles Paris, have the common theme of murder in its many guises, from the simply bizarre to the downright nasty.
Listen to a short excerpt here.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks! I'd known that Brett wrote short stories but haven't read them. It's good to have that reminder.

George said...

I've read many of Simon Brett's mystery novels. I didn't know about this short story collection. I'll have to find a copy.

Martin Edwards said...

Excellent choice - this is a really strong collection.


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