7 January 2012

Reading Challenges for me in 2012

After quite a bit of deliberation and reflection I have decided that I will more or less go with the challenges that I discovered in 2011.
I found that the challenges between them helped me keep better records for my reading, expanded my horizons, and achieved a bit of a balance.
I also discovered things about my reading habits.

I don't feel at the moment that the challenges force me into a reading strait jacket.
I still basically read what I want to, and then decide which challenge they fit into. Sometimes I have to look for a book for a particular challenge.
Some of the reading challenges last year were more easily achievable than others because they fell into the pattern of what I already read. That doesn't make them any less worthy a challenge though.

I also reserve the right to add challenges as the year progresses.
I allow myself to count a book for more than one challenge (e-book and Nordic for example) and I allow the book to be in any format (apart from film).

So I've come up with 14 reading challenges. If you are interested in the finer details you will find them on 2012 Reading Challenges Update

The reading challenges I've joined
 Personal reading challenges
  • American authors: currently 2/20
  • translated, currently 1
  • New Zealand, currently 0/4
  • new to me: currently 0
Looking for some Challenge Ideas?

You will notice some overlap in the record below, with many books counting in more than one challenge.
If you want to join me on one of the personal challenges, let me know - I could probably be talked into hosting a challenge with a Mr Linky if enough people are interested.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I am so much in awe of the reading goals you are able to set and reach. I really admire you for that...

Kerrie said...

I think the leisure of retirement has a lot to do with it Margot

kathy d. said...

Go to it Kerrie! Amazing.

I read 70 books last year and read all the time, however, I also watched dvd's and read my daily New York Times and did the puzzle.

I also spend a lot of time reading excellent blogs, and don't know how you all can read so much.

Look forward to the reviews.

Sarah said...

I'm impressed Kerrie. I'm still debating a historical or classic crime reading challenge. I will have a look at what you've joined.

Marg said...

Welcome back to the Historical Fiction challenge for this year!


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