2 January 2012

MiP celebrates 4th blogoversary

MYSTERIES in PARADISE was created 2 January 2008 as the result of a New Year's resolution.
(Paradise because that's where I live, and mysteries because that's what I read.)

Since then I've published well over 2000 posts and added over 500 reviews, nearly all for crime fiction novels.
I've made some great blogging friends and been part of some great events!
Blogging gives me great satisfaction as well as an opportunity to reflect on my reading.
My blog has about 250 visitors a day, and you are one of them today, so thank you for dropping by.

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie, happy 4th! And Happy New Year! Hope your 2012 is filled with lots of good things and lots of good crime books. I love reading what you've been up to and hope to be doing so for a long, long time.

Marce said...

Happy 4th :-) How exciting.

Thanks for reminder of Crime Books, need to do that.

Bernadette said...

Well done Kerrie and may you blog for many more years.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Well done and congratulations! Thank you for lighting up the blogoverse as you do, and I wish you many more good years of blogging!

Anonymous said...

Happy blogoversary!

Shelleyrae @ Book'd oUt

Jo @ Booklover Book Reviews said...

Congratulations Kerrie - you make such a wonderful contribution to the book appreciation arena.

Anonymous said...

Happy blogoversary, Kerrie. Well done. Happy I found you in the blogsphere.

Maxine Clarke said...

Congratulations, Kerrie! I enjoy your reviews. Hope to see you commenting over at Petrona sometime this year as it is good to compare notes on the books we read.

Marg said...

Happy blogiversary Kerrie!


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