21 March 2012

Balancing Books

Every 2 or 3 days comes the time to choose which book to read next.

I do make plans and in my little TBRN widget you'll see that I'm planning
  • next on Kindle - BEASTLY THINGS, Donna Leon
  • next library book - NIGHT ROUNDS, Helene Tursten
  • next Australian - RIP OFF, Kel Robertson
  • audio - THE FALLS, Ian Rankin
  • also on audio - GIDEON'S NIGHT, J.J. Marric
  • next Agatha Christie: THE HOLLOW (aka MURDER AFTER HOURS)
Sometimes though books stay listed there for some time, while others sneak into my hands.

I make a lot of use of my local library and often have a month's worth of library books here at home  and even more "suspended" requests at the library (these are books you have requested but the request doesn't activate for a month)

So here are the books I currently have out from the library, in order of their due date:
    NIGHT ROUNDS / Helene Tursten ; translation by Laura A. Wideburg. 
    A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES : a novel / Ruth Rendell. 
    WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? / Wendy James. ***
    THREE-DAY TOWN / Margaret Maron. ***
    TURN OF MIND / Alice LaPlante. 
    BACKLASH : a Monika Paniatowski mystery / Sally Spencer. 
    THE CALLER / Karin Fossum ; translated from the Norwegian by K. E. Semmel. 
    EXCURSION TO TINDARI/ Andrea Camilleri ; translated by Stephen Sartarelli. 
    FIELD GREY : a Bernie Gunther novel / by Philip Kerr. 
    THE CROWDED GRAVE : an investigation by Bruno, Chief of Police / Martin Walker. 
    THE BURNING SOUL : a thriller / John Connolly. 
    LYING DEAD / Aline Templeton. 
    LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER/ Aline Templeton.
Two of those titles *** are new to me authors so I know I will be tempted to read them out of order, but then there are also some authors on the list that I really enjoy so they will call to me as well.

Mind you, I usually only read one book at a time (with an exception to audio books which I "read" when I can only listen like when I'm driving) so while I'm reading a book on my Kindle I won't attempt to read one from the library.
And I alternate my library books with Kindle books and occasionally throw in another review book from my shelves.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - You have got some great-looking reading ahead! I'll be really interested to see what you think of the Aline Templeton books and the Helene Tursten. Oh, and of course The Hollow :-)

Irene said...

I'm ashamed to say that other than Christie I'm not familiar with any of your authors. I'm adding you to my blog roll so I can see what you think of this fabulous list. I'd also like to ask how I can join the Christie Carnival.

kathy d. said...

What a tantalizing list! Many books here look good. Some I'm waiting for from the library, as Donna Leon's new one.

I can't get into the Tursten book, although I liked the prior three I read.

Can't wait to read your reviews.

Kerrie said...

Irene, go over to the Agatha Christie Carnival (the link is at the top of this page just below the counter) and check there

Anonymous said...

Kerrie you have some great books ahead. Have only read Excursion to Tindari and The Bourning Soul and plan to read as well The Caller and Field Grey. I'll love to see what you thoink of all them.


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