24 August 2008

Around the Traps, Sunday 24 August

When I was a child my grandfather used to go round the traps, meaning he checked the rabbit traps for what had come in over night. My RSS reader is a bit like that. Here are some crime fiction postings that I've caught recently.
Now this is by no means all that has come in through my RSS reader this week, so don't feel too badly if your most recent posting isn't there. I'm not sure if I will write "Around the Traps" on a regular basis. Perhsap you can let me know if you think it is useful/interesting.

The image I've used is from 'Somewhere, beyond the sea...'


Anonymous said...

Me too! I think you me and Crime Scraps have overlapping crime love!

He and I loved Theoren's Echoes of the Dead, by the way, so maybe that is one for your list?

I am looking forward to reading Nemesis, probably will wait until it comes out in PB. I read Devil's Star and Redbreast in the wrong order so I probably should start at the beginning again, once Nemesis comes out in PB.

Kerrie said...

I'm sure you'll enjoy NEMESIS. It came out here in trade PB. We rarely see hardbacks.
I'll keep ECHOES OF THE DEAD in mind


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