18 August 2008

Olympics and Reading

It is hard to get away from the Olympics isn't it?
On the TV every night, and almost all day on the weekends. Those who like particular sports are complaining at having to watch all the others, but, I enjoy the lot.
There can be no doubt though that it has had an impact on my reading.
As most of the blogs I read are related to crime fiction, only a few have references to the Olympics.

Here are a couple to check out:
Here is another title I've found:
AN OLYMPIC DEATH by Manuel Vazquez Montalban.
The Barcelona detective Pepe Carvalho has been hired by a beautiful French woman and a mysterious man involved in the planning of the 1992 Olympic Games. Into his life comes danger and puzzling clues in the form of murdered Greeks, Arab criminals and a sadistic, anonymous killer.

Something else I ran across that I haven't seen on the news here:
Two weeks ago in Beijing two family members of the U.S. Olympic volleyball coach were stabbed, one fatally.


Lourdes said...

Leave it up to you, Kerrie, to link the Olympics to mysteries! You would think there would be more mysteries centered around Olympics, though, right? After all, there was the infamous Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan story. With a few tweaks, that could have been a great mystery story!

Marg said...

I heard that story about the people who were stabbed in Beijing. You would think that the background of the Olympics would make a great setting.

Kerrie said...

you'd think there would be a few more murder mysteries set in the Olympics wouldn't you? Probably are, we just don't know of them.

Ali Hall said...

What about the online mystery of The Lost Ring game? Not a murder mystery, but still an intriguing concept - even if half the mystery is working out how to play the game...

Anonymous said...

Between bouts of Aussie swimming gold fever last week, I attended the launch of - and read - CrimeWriters Queensland's latest collection of short stories. Maybe the Games could provide inspiration for future volumes!


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