3 August 2008

Weekly Geeks #13 - Author Photos

The weekly geek challenge this week relates to author photos. Now I have access to quite a few so I've chosen just 12 for you to muse over.
Below the photos I will list the authors but their order will be different to the photo order. Your job is to, in a comment, list the photos numbered 1 to 12 with the correct names beside the numbers. Make sure you put your email address in the comment or tick the box that says you want to receive copies of the comments, otherwise I'll have no way of letting you know that you've won.

Your prize? - I'll put the names of the correct entries in a hat, and Sparky the cat will select the winning entry, to whom I promise to send a copy of Michael Robotham's mini-book BOMBPROOF. The closing date is Sunday next week (10th August)

So here is an Australian dozen who all write crime fiction!
(Sorry if a big gap appears on the page here- don't know what is causing it- can't see anything in the code. If you don't see one, you're lucky! If you do, scroll down to the important stuff please)


The authors are
Michael Robotham
Brian Kavanagh
Kerry Greenwood
Garry Disher
Adrian Hyland
Kate Morton
Katherine Howell
Marshall Browne
Leigh Redhead
Gabrielle Lord
Felicity Young
Shane Maloney


Sunnie Gill said...

1. Kate Morton
2. Adrian Hyland
3. Leigh Redhead
4. Gabrielle Lord
5. Felicity Young
6. Katherine Howell
7. Brian Kavanagh
8. Garry Disher
9. Shane Maloney
10. Marshall Browne
11. Michael Robotham
12. Kerry Greenwood

lindam said...

don't know if my 1st post went through, so I'll do it again (sorry if you did get the 1st one)
1.Kate Morton
2.Adrian Hyland
3.Leugh Redhead
4.Gabrielle Lord
5.Felicity Young
6.Katherine Howell
7.Brian Kavanagh
8.Garry Disher
9.Shane Maloney
10.Marshall Brownw
11.Michael Robotham
12.Kerry Greenwood


PS purrrrrr purrrr from Phillip (the Burmese)

Kerrie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I'm absolutely clueless! But it was fun to take a look at who you like!

Kerrie said...

Could you match any of them up debnance? Hint: you could use Google images to find some of them

Anonymous said...

You guessed right on my blog. I made it easy by linking my pictures to auhor sites!


I will get around yours too. Later on.


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