26 August 2008

Weekly Geeks #14: Pictures of books

The Weekly Geeks challenge this week is to show some photos of books.
We also have to link to a couple of postings by other Weekly Geekers.
I apologise if my picture layout looks not good at the end. I find blogspot a bit difficult to determine layout on.

To the right you see a book sculpture that I photographed on my recent visit to Abu Dhabi, outside, you guessed it, a library.

And this one is a photo a friend took of the book case next to her bed, before she decided it was a disaster waiting to happen.

Here's a photo I took when I was struck by the huge size of some of the books I had in my pile.

And below is a Creative Commons photo I found on Flickr,
titled "The Library:And I really love the BookMooch cartoon too.

Linking to someone else is not hard. I love the pictures over on MizB's site.

Have a look too at Reading in Appalachia, Book Zombie's amazing stash of books in every corner of the house, Family Reading Time on Page after Page, Chloe and Suiki on The Restless Reader,


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that book sculpture!

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie said...

That book sculpture is amazing! I love the bookmooch cartoon - very Dr. Seuss-like :)

Kerrie said...

Thanks for dropping in folks. The sculpture was great


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