10 May 2009

And the winner of Billingam's DEATH MESSAGE was..

For the last week I have run a small competition where entrants could win a copy of Mark Billingham's DEATH MESSAGE.

The competition closed on May 9.

There were 4 entrants with correct answers:
Sunnie, Luanne, Dorte, and Tim.
The "cat's paw" has chosen Sunnie as the winner.

The questions and answers
1. How many novels does Mark Billingham list on his site?
answer: 8
2. What is the name of Billingham's detective?
answer: Detective Inspector Tom Thorne
3. Who has been killed in the Prologue of DEATH MESSAGE?
answer: Angies & Robbie

Download the first chapter at http://www.markbillingham.com/message.html

1 comment:

Luanne said...

Congrats Sunnie! This is a great series!


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