25 May 2009

Considering Award Nominees

It is hard not to be impressed by the lists of books being nominated for various awards at this time of the year.

I know some people will say that they ignore the lists, but I always watch to see which books crop up again and again on various lists.

The Anthony Awards are decided at Bouchercon.
Here are the short lists for the 3 main awards.

Best Novel
TRIGGER CITY by Sean Chercover [William Morrow]
THE BRASS VERDICT by Michael Connelly [Little, Brown and Company]
RED KNIFE by William Kent Krueger [Atria]
THE CRUELLEST MONTH by Louise Penny [Minotaur]

Best First Novel
PUSHING UP DAISIES by Rosemary Harris [Minotaur]
STALKING SUSAN by Julie Kramer [Doubleday]
DEATH OF A COZY WRITER by G. M. Malliet [Midnight Ink]
CHILD 44 by Tom Rob Smith [Grand Central]

Best Paperback Original
THE FIRST QUARRY by Max Allan Collins [Hard Case Crime]
MONEY SHOT by Christa Faust [Hard Case Crime]
STATE OF THE ONION by Julie Hyzy [Berkley]
IN A DARK SEASON by Vicki Lane [Dell]
SOUTH OF HELL by P. J. Parrish [Pocket Star]

So far I've read only 2 as you can see, but I do intend to remedy that.
There is currently a poll running in the sidebar where you can record which of the Best Novel nominees you've read at this stage.

The Macavity Awards are also decided at Bouchercon.

Here are the short lists

Best Mystery Novel:

  • Sean Chercover: Trigger City (Wm. Morrow)
  • Deborah Crombie: Where Memories Lie (Wm. Morrow)
  • Declan Hughes: The Dying Breed (UK) / The Price of Blood (US) (John Murray/ Wm. Morrow)
  • Arnaldur Indridason: The Draining Lake (Minotaur)
  • Lisa Lutz: Curse of the Spellmans (Simon & Schuster)
  • Louise Penny: The Cruelest Month (Minotaur)
  • Louise Ure: The Fault Tree (Minotaur)

Best First Mystery:

  • Zoe Ferraris: Finding Nouf (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
  • Stieg Larsson: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Knopf)
  • G.M. Malliet: Death of a Cozy Writer (Midnight Ink)
  • Charlie Newton: Calumet City (Simon & Schuster)
  • Scott Pratt: An Innocent Client (Onyx)
  • Michael Stanley: A Carrion Death (Harper; Headline)
  • Dan Waddell: The Blood Detective (Minotaur)

So which of the nominees have you read? And which do you favour?


Bernadette said...

I've been so disappointed by so many award winners that these days the only way I would use award lists is if I had a choice between 2 books at the library or in an airport book shop and didn't know anything about either except that one was an award winner - other than that I'll continue using other means to find the books I want to read. I've read 3 of the 15 Anthony nominees above - 2 were excellent and 1 was very average

Kerrie said...

I have THE BRASS VERDICT and CHILD 44 on my TBR shelves.

Kerrie said...

I sometimes wonder whether the award nominations are a flow-on of the publicity hype surrounding well oiled marketing machines for particular authors. I read a comment recently about a quantity of negative Amazon reviews of a book that has not yet been published. There is also a system of pre-ordering on Amazon that ends up giving a book a popularity rating well before publication date - like the latest Dan Brown which hit the top of Amazon UK about 3 weeks ago but won't be out for 2 or 3 more months.


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