11 May 2009

Nominations open for the CrimeSpree Awards

It is not often the public gets a chance to participate in nominating books for crime fiction awards. Just recently the public had a chance to give voice in the Spinetingler Awards: there were some quality nominations short listed and they went to some very worthy nominees, including fellow blogger Detectives Beyond Borders, and blogger/reviewer Lesa Holstine.

Now Central Crime Zone are inviting YOU to think about books published in 2008, anywhere in the world, and nominate
  • Favorite book of 2008
  • Best in an ongoing series
  • Favorite Graphic Novel or comics writer
  • Favorite original Paperback (mass market or trade)
  • Favorite Mystery Bookstore
Voting is open to anyone.
Email your nominations to Jon@crimespreemag.com.
Deadline for nominations will be July 31st 2009

Need some reminders? see EuroCrime for books published in 2008 & 2009 in Europe


Maxine Clarke said...

Would help if they had provided a list to choose from. Anything published anywhere in the world in 2008 is too large a universe for me to want to spend time digging out a nomination.

Kerrie said...

I agree - a very broad list to choose from. But I just sent in my top 5 of those printed in 2008 :-)

Maria said...

Shoot that was EASY!!! I knew right away which one I wanted to send in for "best."

As for the comic and store, well, that was tougher.

Maybe they will narrow down the nominations and then those that didn't want to submit nominations will get a chance to vote on a list!!!!


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