3 May 2009

Win a copy of DEATH MESSAGE, Mark Billingham


I have discovered I have two copies of DEATH MESSAGE so am using the paperback size one for this competition.

You have until end of Saturday 9 May to enter.

You will need to visit Mark Billingham's own site to get information for the answers
If more than one person gives the correct answer, I will draw the name out of a hat.
I am willing to send the book anywhere, but it will come by snail mail.

The questions
1. How many novels does Mark Billingham list on his site?
2. What is the name of Billingham's detective?
3. Who has been killed in the Prologue of DEATH MESSAGE?
Download the first chapter at http://www.markbillingham.com/message.html

Ready to enter?

DON"T give the answer in comments!
I have set up a special form on Google Docs. No logging in, should just be accessible from here in your browser.
By all means leave me a comment here to let me know you've entered.


Bernadette said...

Just so you know Kerrie I am not entering your competition because

(a) I have read the book and
(b) No matter how hard you try or how much you dress it up as altruism on your part I WILL NOT allow you to transfer your TBR pile to me :)

Kerrie said...


Kerrie said...

Well done to Sunnie who has submitted a bunch of correct answers!

Kerrie said...

And so has Dorte. Well done

Kerrie said...

And Luanne too

Dorte H said...

Good to hear it worked. I haven´t won a book in weeeks now ;)
[Haven´t tried, either]

Kerrie said...

Thanks for entereing Tim. You are in the draw too.


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