31 May 2009

Will you attend a writer/reader "convention" this year?

Earlier this year I attended Left Coast Crime on Big Island in Hawaii. It wasn't the first such event that I have attended, but it was the first "residential" one and I would imagine in that it was fairly unusual.

All the others I have been at have been called "writer's festival" or "writer's week" or similar, but in fact most of the attendees are readers, although those on the panels are mainly writers.
So I have attended Adelaide Writer's Week a couple of times (they happen every two years) and Melbourne Writers Festival, an annual event, for the last 2 years and hope to be there for a couple of days this year, providing there is a good selection of crime fiction offerings on the days I can attend.

So I'm interested at where you have been this year, and whether you will be going to any others.
With all the online potential, does any one know of any conventions being conducted entirely online?

Anyway, there is a small poll How many writer/reader conventions will you attend this year? running over in the right hand column this week, to get a snapshot, but do leave a comment too. You might like to say where you have been, what others you hope to attend, and what you get out of going to them.


Bernadette said...

I thought about going to the Crime and Justice festival in July but I've promised to spend a couple of weeks with my young nieces from America at the end of the month instead. I have to say I'm not overly interested in the concept anyway, apart from an opportunity to catch up with other readers. I don't really want to know that much about the writers themselves or their process - I'd rather just read their work and imagine the rest of it. I know I'm in the minority though.

Kerrie said...

I must say it is meeting up with other readers that is really part of the attraction

Kerrie said...

I think I will only make MWF for a couple of days on the first weekend and that will really depend on what is on offer in crime fiction

Marg said...

I went to a Romance one earlier this year, and I am planning on attending something at MWF - no idea what yet, but something.


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