15 May 2009

Up for grabs: a copy of THE GOOD HUSBAND OF ZEBRA DRIVE, Alexander McCall Smith

Another competition, this time to win THE GOOD HUSBAND OF ZEBRA DRIVE
I will post it anywhere, but it will come by surface mail if you are outside Australia.
This competition will close on Saturday 23 May, midnight my time (Adelaide, South Australia)

#8 in the No. 1 LADIES DETECTIVE AGENCY series.
After I read the previous title in this series, I thought perhaps it was coming to an end; that McCall Smith had no more to tell, could do no more with the material. How wrong I was! With THE GOOD HUSBAND OF ZEBRA DRIVE the series swings upward to another peak. Matters come to a point between that traditionally built lady Precious Ramotswe and her secretary Mma Makutsi when the latter takes the afternoon off to do some shopping when she is supposed to be minding the office. Mma Makutsi decides to resign and to look for a new job. Meanwhile, when Mma Makutsi was absent, Precious Ramotswe’s husband, Mr. J L. B. Matekoni interviewed a client, and he tells his wife he would like to follow that case through, carrying out the investigation himself. A cousin working in the administration of the public hospital in Mochudi comes to see Precious Ramotswe about some unexplained deaths at the hospital, so once again the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency has its hands full.
My rating: 5

Just 3 questions to answer correctly to enter the draw for this book.
Enter your answers on the form you'll find here.
You might like to check what else I've written about this series.

Leave me a comment if you also like this series.
Which one is your favourite?


sally906 said...

Questions done - entry in :)

I am been a long time fan of this series. There was a telmovie out a while I go which I loved as well. Now there is a series, which my daughter has got for me to watch (not sure when/if being released in Oz)

Kerrie said...

Sally & Dorte both with correct answers so far

mee said...

Yay I have the books up to the one before this in the series. I have tickets giveaway on my blog to My Year Without Sex movie (it's Australian comedy film). Drop by if you're interested. So far nobody has entered yet because it's open only to Aussies :P

Kerrie said...

Thanks Mee. I see you have put in a correct answer too.

Kerrie said...

Tim - well done on submitting correct answers too

Kerrie said...

Sunnie - also well done on submitting correct answers

Kerrie said...

And the winner is Sunnie - thank you all for participating.


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