9 June 2009

Get a better, stronger password this week

This is a repeat of a blog posting from my work site, but a message worth repeating I think.

Australians are being encouraged to take some simple steps to improve their online security as part of National E-security Awareness Week, June 5 - 12 2009.

Stay Smart Online provides all Australian online users with information on the simple steps they can take to be secure themselves online. This includes information and advice on how to secure your computer and your transactions online.

This website contains a free alert service that provides easy to understand information on the latest e-security threats and vulnerabilities, a free interactive education resource for primary and secondary school students, videos with useful tips on protecting your computer, a self assessment tool for small businesses, and information for parents.

Many who read this will be like me- so many password requirements that I confess I have fallen into the trap of using much the same password each time. It probably doesn’t matter in most things, but it is obviously something I need to re-think.

Five simple tips being promoted throughout the Week will help Australians use the internet in a secure and confident manner:

* Get a better, stronger password and change it at least twice a year.
* Get security software, and update and patch it regularly.
* Stop and think before you click on links or attachments from unknown sources.
* Information is valuable. Be careful about what you give away about yourself and others online.
* Log on to www.staysmartonline.gov.au for further information and to sign up for the email alert service.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh good post and great message, I have some links to follow, thanks!

sally906 said...


I really understand the idea behind this - and having a husband who is an IT manager in charge of security I really should know better.


I have a shocking memory - and am forced by the workplace to change my password every month - as do all my other office chums. A quick walk around our desk calenders will see each of us has a sticky note with all our passwords written on it. None of us can remember them. This is not secure. The answer lies somewhere in the middle.

If we changed our password twice a year - I would never be able to access my online banking. I barely remember the one we have which is fairly obscure and has no relevance to me - but IT security hubby tells me I have to have it!!!

Kerrie said...

I sympathise Sally. I also need to do it a bit more often.

So glad you found the post useful Rhubarb


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