29 June 2009


Every now and then someone wins a book in one of my Up for Grabs comps.
Dorte in Denmark won a copy of THE CRUELLEST MONTH back in April, and I dutifully sent it off. It didn't arrrive until early June, which really wasn't too bad for surface mail, almost 6 weeks.
Dorte heralded it's arrival here (But I don't think she's reviewed it yet).

Towards the end of April, Marie in Texas won a copy of THE IRON HEART so off it went. Marie has reported it's arrival today. This time nearly 8 weeks!


Marg said...

Some times it is surprising how quickly books make it to the destination, or not, as the case may be!

Dorte H said...

Of course I haven´t reviewed it yet. If I reviewed the new books I got, I would never be able to build up a respectable TBR, would I???? LOL

But it is there - and almost flat by now.


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