5 June 2009

Books sitting on my TBR

Here are just 5 of the books sitting on my TBR waiting to be read.
It will take me a while to get around to them, so I thought I'd tell you about them here.
They are available here in Australia in paperback.


Over on CRIME SCRAPS Uriah Robinson says "it is a gripping read, with a narrative drive that makes it impossible to put down". It is a Harry Hole novel, and NEMESIS was one of my best reads for 2008, so I am really looking forward to it.


Now Donna Leon is an author that I really look forward to catching up with. Her Brunetti series really brings with it a taste of Venice. I identified Donna Leon as one of my favourite authors soon after beginning this blog. I love the way she brings modern issues to bear in a mystery. Books to the Ceiling says "As ever, it is a pleasure to spend time in the company of Commissario Guido Brunetti, especially when he is at home. "


Peter Klein is a new-to-me Australian author. This book was published on March 1, 2009, and appears to be after the fashion of Dick Francis, whom I have always enjoyed. This is Klein's first novel.

The blurb:

John Punter, professional gambler and amateur private investigator, has seen his fair share of crime and shady dealings, both on the race track and off it. So when the daughter of a bookmaker friend is abducted, following hot on the heels of a gruesome murder after an abduction-gone-wrong, Punter's offer of help is gladly accepted.

But then, just when everything seems to be going right, a local trainer hits a run of unusual bad luck and a young jockey dies under suspicious circumstances. With the help of a journalist friend, Kate, Punter begins to put the pieces together, and finds himself drawn into a tangled web of underworld crimes that are much more sinister than he had anticipated...

BLACK ICE Leah Giarratano

This latest title (her 3rd) from a very talented Australian writer is not due for publication until July 1, 2009.
Leah has been making some impact this year hosting Beyond the Darklands on Channel 7. I reviewed VOODOO DOLL last year, giving it 4.8.
Leah's first novel VODKA DOESN'T FREEZE was long-listed for the 2008 Ned Kelly Awards for Best First Fiction, and I won't be at all surprised if VOODOO DOLL is long-listed for Best Fiction in 2009.
The publisher, Random House Australia, says "As with her previous two Jill Jackson novels, psychologist Leah Giarratano writes with disturbing insight into the criminal mind. A taut and suspenseful read from one of Australia's new breed of crime writers."

FRACTURED Karen Slaughter

FRACTURED is another published by Random House Australia.
The book was short listed for the HAWAII 5-0 award at Left Coast crime.
When I reviewed TRIPTYCH in 2006 I gave it 4.6.
In 2007 SKIN PRIVILEGE met a mixed reception from Slaughter fans, when she apparently tired of one of her central characters, and did something quite irreversible.

FRACTURED appears to take up again with Will Trent, one of the detectives from TRIPTYCH.
After a rather tenuous start, Confessions of a Bibliophile says "the mystery ...is a good one. .... There is not yet a third book in this series, but I hope there will be."

If you've read any of these five, do tell me, without spoilers, what you thought of it.


Dorte H said...

The Redeemer is a fantastic novel!
I have just read my first Donna Leon, and am just about to review it now :)

Luanne said...

The Redeemer was my first Jo Nesbo book. Loved it and will be looking for more!


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