26 June 2009

Forgotten Book: MURDEROUS REMEDY, Stella Shepherd

This week's contribution to Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books.
For today's forgotten book I've plucked from my records of nearly 20 years ago a title I don't remember at all, but perhaps you do.

It seems MURDEROUS REMEDY, #2 of Stella Shepherd's Inspector Montgomery series, was originally published not long before I read it in 1990.
Plot descriptions are a bit hard to come by, but I've found this:
"A doctor wakes up to find herself a patient in her own hospital, suffering from amnesia, and at the centre of a murder investigation."
Sounds tantalising doesn't it?

There were 7 titles in the series (thanks Fantastic Fiction!)
1. Black Justice (1988)
2. Murderous Remedy (1989)
3. Thinner Than Blood (1991)
4. A Lethal Fixation (1993)
5. Nurse Dawes Is Dead (1994)
6. Something in the Cellar (1995)
7. Embers of Death (1996)


pattinase (abbott) said...

thanks, Kerrie. This author is a new one to me.

Kerrie said...

She is nearly new ot me Paiit. Not sure if the books are still available in libraries - they certainly are alive and well in the online second hand markets


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