21 June 2009

Sunday Salon, 21 June 2009

Where do you "live" online?
I have a pretty active online life, in Yahoo groups (oz_mystery_readers in particular), in Twitter (smiksa), on this blog, in Friend Feed (Crime and mystery fiction), and I monitor lots of fellow crime fiction bloggers (Crime Fiction Journeys)
It is interesting to see the same "faces" crop up in different places. You do develop a coterie of cyber friends don't you?.
In Twitter I've been thinking about joining a "twibe"- not sure that I need one, or if I will create one just for crime fiction readers/bloggers.

New blog

Fair Dinkum Reviews is a collective blog being added to by a group of Australian book reviewers including me. We will mainly be including crime fiction but not exclusively. If you want to monitor inclusions either by RSS feed or by becoming a "follower".

Breaking News
What I am reading
  • now - THE REDEEMER, Jo Nesbo
  • then - THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, Stieg Larsson
  • in the car - PERIL AT END HOUSE, Agatha Christie
This week's posts
Last week's poll asked
You might remember that this poll has been running for two weeks, but in fact only 6 of the votes were recorded in the second week.
Some things surprised me:
  • that nearly 25% of those who took the poll had not read any of the books.
  • that only about 1/3 had the other books
Even though my poll has now closed, EuroCrime will continue to collect votes on two topics: Which title do you *want* to win the International Dagger? and Which title will win the International Dagger? So make sure you pop over there and register your opinion.

Additions/changes to my blog

I've added a Google Translate widget that allows readers to choose a language to read my blog in. I don't read any other language so I am not sure how accurate the translations are, but have had some feedback that it works well enough with Greek and Dutch. If you are proficient in a language other than English, then you might like to test it out for me and let me know - you'll have to write your comment in English though. Do you find tools like this useful?


susan said...

We don't read the same genres, still I like coming by. I'm impressed each time with how organized and involved you are.

To answer about social circles, prior to blogging I participated very actively on discussion forums. Years ago I belonged to listserves. I recently joined Twitter. I'm a novice in every way there. I'm on Facebook primarily to promote my community group. Not fond of the format there.

Kerrie said...

Looking organised is an illusion really, although I do try to blog everyday, and I have fallen into a bit of a pattern with what I do with Sunday Salon. Thanks for dropping by Susan.

Uriah Robinson said...

Are the six nominees difficult to buy in Australia? I just wondered because so many replies were from people who had not read any of the books.

Gavin said...

Kerrie - Interesting post. I do not have enough time to keep up with my blog and my reading, let alone my twitter, goodreads and facebook accounts. I don't tweet over my phone, just on my computer, mostly I read the tweets from people I follow. I thought it was silly until the Iranian election stuff started coming through.

I find have to disconnect from some things so I can devote more time to other things!

I would be interested in a "twibe", because the word "twibe" is such a kick! Have a great week.

Louise said...

Hi Kerrie,

Its definitely readable when I translate into Danish, albeit a little goobledygook at places, but from the context, you can esily figure out what the translator means ;o)

I will prefer to continue to read your blog in English, though.

Kerrie said...

Norman, about 20% of my readers come from Australia, so I would expect the same %age applies to the poll. The books are all readily available here

Kerrie said...

Time to do everything is a real problem isn't it Gavin? I think Twitter will grow in strength and as a communication app.

Kerrie said...

Gald to hear that Louise. an automatic translator can never handle language nuances but I'm glad to hear it may be of some use.

gautami tripathy said...

I only network on blogs. Otherwise no, not much..

BTW, lately I have been reading a lot of Crime/Mystery fiction.

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