6 August 2009

Forgotten Book: FRIDAY THE RABBI SLEPT LATE, Harry Kemelman

This week's contribution to Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books.

Harry Kemelman wrote a crime fiction series featuring Rabbi Small. FRIDAY THE RABBI SLEPT LATE was the first in the series.

Synopsis courtesy of Fantastic Fiction:

Rabbi David Small, the new leader of Barnard's Crossing's Jewish community, can't even enjoy his Sabbath without things getting stirred up in a most unorthodox manner: It seems a young nanny has been found strangled, less than a hundred yards from the Temple's parking lot - and all the evidence points to the Rabbi.

According to my records I read the first and third in the series in rapid succession in 1979.

THE RABBI SLEPT LATE won an Edgar Allan Poe award for Best First Novel in 1965.
Lanigan's Rabbi, NBC's Mystery Movie series from 1977, was based on Kemelman's novels.

1. Friday the Rabbi Slept Late (1964)
2. Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry (1966)
3. Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home (1969)
4. Monday the Rabbi Took Off (1972)
5. Tuesday the Rabbi Saw Red (1973)
6. Wednesday the Rabbi Got Wet (1976)
7. Thursday the Rabbi Walked Out (1978)
8. Someday the Rabbi Will Leave (1985)
9. One Fine Day the Rabbi Bought a Cross (1987)
10. The Day the Rabbi Resigned (1992)
11. That Day the Rabbi Left Town (1996)

Harry Kemelman on Wikipedia
Kemelman was already well known for the Nicky Welt tales.


Joe Barone said...

I read and enjoyed all of these.

pattinase (abbott) said...

One of my favorite all-time series.


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