16 August 2009

Sunday salon: 16 August 2009

So what can you do on my blog this week?
  • I have a book giveaway running, THE WHITE QUEEN by Philippa Gregory, so you can pop over to put your name into the draw. Up for Grabs: THE WHITE QUEEN, Philippa Gregory.
  • It's not too late to Try your hand at a mini-review.
    This is an embedded Google Docs form. The data entered is stored at Google Docs. I'll be putting the mini-review roundup together tomorrow.
  • The next Agatha Christie Blog carnival will happen on August 23, so there is just under a week to add your submission if you've been reading and reviewing Agatha Christie novels. See Agatha Christie Carnival.
  • Agatha Christie week is happening September 13-20 and I'm organising a blog tour. If you'd like the tour to visit a post on your blog about Agatha Christie, then sign up soon. See Suggestions Wanted: How to Celebrate Agatha Christie Week.
  • I've finished a couple of really good books this week: ABOUT FACE, Donna Leon and DARK MIRROR, Barry Maitland. If you haven't tried either of these authors then you are definitely missing out. In the car I've been listening to an older Reginal Hill: DEATH OF A DOORMOUSE. It is not a Dalziel & Pascoe, but a stand alone. Very enjoyable. I should get it finished in the next couple of days.
This week's posts: I have been busy with about a post a day.
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Currently reading
  • now - LORD EDGEWARE DIES, Agatha Christie.
  • next - GONE TOMORROW - Lee Child.
  • after that - THE BUILD UP, Philip Gwynne.
  • then - BLACK ICE, Leah Giarratano.
  • in the car - DEATH OF A DOORMOUSE, Reginald Hill.
So do you have a crime fiction recommendation? What book should I look out for?


Yvonne said...

Sounds like you've been very busy! I haven't read Donna Leon, but the books look good.

Happy Sunday!

Kerrie said...

Donna Leon is another author for your list Yvonne


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