21 August 2009

ACRC Update - 20 August 2009

My intent in the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge is to read her books in order, so that I can get some idea of what she is doing, problems she is attempting to solve, and her development as a writer. If you look at some of my reviews you will see that I have been able to undertake some of this reflection.

Currently I am managing about a book a month.
I've read 13 books and 4 collections of short stories.

What I've read so far
  2. 1922, THE SECRET ADVERSARY- finished
  3. 1923, THE MURDER ON THE LINKS - finished
  4. 1924, THE MAN IN THE BROWN SUIT - finished
    1924, POIROT INVESTIGATES (short stories: eleven in the UK, fourteen in the US) - finished
  5. 1925, THE SECRET OF CHIMNEYS - finished
  6. 1926, THE MURDER OF ROGER ACKROYD - finished
  7. 1927, THE BIG FOUR - finished
  8. 1928, THE MYSTERY OF THE BLUE TRAIN - finished
  9. 1929, THE SEVEN DIALS MYSTERY - finished
    1929 Partners in Crime (fifteen short stories; featuring Tommy and Tuppence) - now on my shelves
  10. 1930, THE MURDER AT THE VICARAGE - finished
    1930, The Mysterious Mr. Quin (twelve short stories; introducing Mr. Harley Quin) - finished
  12. 1932, PERIL AT END HOUSE - finished
    1932 The Thirteen Problems (thirteen short stories; featuring Miss Marple, also known as The Tuesday Club Murders in the US) - finished
  13. 1933, LORD EDGEWARE DIES (aka THIRTEEN AT DINNER) - finished
  14. 1934, MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS (aka MURDER IN THE CALAIS COACH) - now on my shelves
  15. 1934, WHY DIDN'T THEY ASK EVANS? (aka THE BOOMERANG CLUE) - now on my shelves
  20. 1936, CARDS ON THE TABLE
Check the opening blog post of the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge here.
If you'd like to join the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge click here.

I am using the list at Wikipedia of novels and collections of short stories. I will interlace the short story collections into the list where I can, but may have to read them out of order. I have decided on a method for reporting on the short stories.

Please feel free to join in my challenge, comment on my reviews etc.

I have set up a block over in the right hand column called Agatha Christie Reading Challenge (with the same logo as this post) where I am listing the books I'm currently reading and those I've finished.
The challenge is called ACRC so each review will be preceded by those letters.

If you want to follow my progress through your RSS reader, then the RSS URL is
Just save that in your bookmarks or RSS reader and you will be notified when I have written a new post.
Alternatively you could subscribe to the feed through FeedMyInbox. Just copy the RSS URL, click on the FeedMyInbox link and paste the URL in there.
You will need to confirm your subscription by email.

Contribute your blog postings about any Agatha Christie novels to the monthly carnival. Make an agreement with yourself that whenever you complete reading an Aggie you will write a blog posting about it and then submit the posting to the carnival.
If you are participating in the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge then write updates like this one and submit them to the Carnival. Let us know what progress you are making.


Margot at Joyfully Retired said...

Wow, Kerrie, you are making great progress. I've enjoyed reading your reviews as well as participating in the challenge. The reason I like the challenge so much is that I love Agatha Christie's books. I was going to read most of them anyway but this challenge gives me a chance to go at it logically and to observe Agatha's development as an author. Plus I've learned about new-to-me books that I might have skipped over.

I didn't think about doing a "status-check" blog post but I like the idea. Let me also say thanks for hosting this challenge. I'm sure it is hours of work. I am one person who appreciates what you've been doing and will continue to do. After all, at one book a month, we are going to be at this for quite some time. You are doing a great job.

Kerrie said...

I'm enjoying the sense of community that is beginning to develop around the challenge Margot. I keep thinking of trying to work out a way of seeing where we all are on the journey but haven't yet come up with a tool. Of those of us reading in order, the Unfinished Person is one ahead of me, but then others are just starting out (we have a couple of new people in the carnival this time) and pthers are dipping randomly. I like the way the Carnival gives us a chance to sort of compare notes. Do have a go at a status-check blog. When I update mine, I just copy the old one and then update it so once you have it set up it is not a lot of work. I have a different one for short stories. As you say, at around a book a month, we'll be treading the same path for a long time.

Nan said...

I just put up a post for my sidebar with a list of all the AC books and stories I've read so I can keep better track. Now, whenever I read a new one, I can just add it to the list. Thanks for hosting this challenge/community, Kerrie.

innae said...

I just joined you -- read about this idea from someone on bookcrossing (wish I could remember who) -- anyway, I am working on collecting my books!! I blog on LiveJournal, and will let you know how I am progressing :-)

Kerrie said...

You are very welcome Innae

Teresa said...

Just joined the challenge although I won't be doing a lot until after school ends in a few weeks. I've read everything by Dame Agatha, most several times, but reading them in order sounds like fun!

NancyO said...

Since I seem to be reading a lot of Christie lately, I thought I'd just throw my hat into the challenge ring. Thanks!

jlshall said...

Hi, Kerrie. Thanks for inviting me to submit my review of Cards on the Table to the monthly carnival (done that!). I like the idea of your Agatha Christie Challenge, too - I've been thinking of going back and trying to read all the novels I haven't read yet. That will probably take me years and years, since I'm the world's slowest reader! But should be fun.

Saro said...

Hi Kerrie,

I participated in your Agatha Christie 120th anniversary celebration, but what I should really have done was to chime in about the ACC. Like you, I've been reading (or re-reading in most cases) her books in order of publication. It's kind of fun to hunt them down through inter-library loan programs and such, though it can be challenging.

Though I haven't reviewed the books, you've inspired me to do so. I'll join the challenge as well.

I did notice that we're not following the same timelines. I do look at Wiki, but I'm basing myself on AC.com. In order words, reading all her work in chronological order - short story collections, HP, T&T, MM, etc.


Kerrie said...

That sounds an excellent challenge Saro. you might like to add yourself to the Mr Linky on the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge site.


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