3 August 2009

Ten things you can do on my blog

This was originally part of my Sunday Salon post but I thought it was worth featuring on its own. The 10 things are extra to the main thing which is reading about crime fiction.
  1. You can of course comment on any post, and be part of the conversation.
  2. You can also rate each post. Not many people do, but it is interesting to see which posts attract a rating.
  3. You can listen to a podiocast of any blog post. I use odiogo to automatically generate these. The voice is a bit mechanical but it does mean you can listen rather than read.
  4. There is nearly always a poll to participate in - this week's: How is your reading target for 2009 going?
  5. You can subscribe to posts by email by two methods: feedburner or Feed My Inbox
  6. You can follow my blog via Google Friend Connect, or by RSS feed.
  7. You can connect with other crime fiction blogs through Crime Fiction Journeys.
  8. You can join the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge and be part of the monthly blog carnival.
  9. You can read my blog in any language through Google Translate.
  10. you can find some online places to buy Australian books.
If you'd like to take the idea and run with it, then come back here and tell me where to find your post about the 10 (or however many) things we can do on your blog. Feel free to use the image.

1 comment:

Heartbeatoz said...

Kerrie every time I visit your blog I find plenty of things to read and take me further afield for mystery books it's a bit like a lucky dip I never know where I'll end up Thanks for taking the time to Share.


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