11 August 2009

Suggestions Wanted: How to Celebrate Agatha Christie Week?

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Christie Week
is scheduled for 13-20 September. There are many things we could do on the official Christie site but I thought I'd like to host a celebration here, or perhaps on the Agatha Christie Blog Carnival site.

What about a celebratory week: Celebrating the life and work of Agatha Christie with a blog tour where people undertake to put up a special post on their own site? If that idea appeals, then volunteer for a date by leaving your chosen date and blog URL in a comment, and I will add you to the tour sites list.

Tour sites:
13 September: Overkill
14 September
15 September: Elizabeth at Miss Lemon Mysteries
16 September: Just A (Reading) Fool
17 September
18 September: Margot at Joyfully Retired and Crime Scraps
19 September: A library is a hospital for the mind...
20 September

Have you any other suggestions?


Uriah Robinson said...

I am hoping to visit Agatha Christie's house at Greenway by boat from Totnes that Wednesday 16th and blog with photos about it later that week. I haven't made the bookings yet but hope to do so next week.

Kerrie said...

That would be excellent Norman - let me know how you get on with the booking

Bernadette said...

Perhaps an Agatha inspired story could be created using that tool you tried a few months ago (where everyone contributed a line).

Margot at Joyfully Retired said...

I like your idea of a blog tour. I was planing to do a day that week on my blog (prefer the 17th or 18th). I haven't decided exactly what I want to do but probably some interesting facts about her life or talk about some of the biographies and/or her autobiography.

I'm up for about anything. Do want to participate.

Kerrie said...

That would be good Margot - which date do you want?

Uriah Robinson said...

I have booked to visit Agatha Christie's Greenway this Thursday.
Hopefully I can take a lot of photos of the garden and outside the house. From my experience as a steward at another National Trust property, Knightshayes, I very much doubt I will be able to get permission to take photographs inside the house. Actually at Barrington Court, Somerset which had been stripped bare of its furniture by Stuart Interiors administrators permission was granted.

I will leave my blog post about the Greenway tour till September 17th if that is OK with you.
Crime Scraps www.camberwell-crime.blogspot.com

Elaine said...

As a huge Agatha Christie fan, I would like to put up a post. Probably just a general one with mention of my favourites if thatis not too generalised?


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