25 August 2009

Celebrating Christie Week - Blog Tour

Christie Week is scheduled for 13-20 September. There are many things we could do on the official Christie site but here we are going to have a blog tour.

Celebrating the life and work of Agatha Christie with a blog tour where people undertake to put up a special post on their own site? If that idea appeals, then volunteer for a date by leaving your chosen date and blog URL in a comment, and I will add you to the tour sites list. Still a few dates left.

Tour sites:
13 September: Overkill
14 September: Reactions to Reading
15 September: Elizabeth at Miss Lemon Mysteries
16 September: Just A (Reading) Fool
17 September: Margot at Joyfully Retired
18 September: Crime Scraps
19 September: A library is a hospital for the mind...
20 September: Confessions of a Mystery Novelist
21 September: BooksPlease
22 September:
23 September: ACRC Carnival #9

Have you any other suggestions?


Bernadette said...

OK I'll jump in. I'm not the mega Christie fan that some of you are but I've got some thoughts and have actually got one here to read. I'll take the 14th if no one else wants it.

Bernadette said...

Oh and let me know if you'd like anything special done. I am thinking of a post about the Christie book that influenced my life in quite a number of ways

Kerrie said...

Thanks Bernadette. Whatever you do will be very acceptable.

Bernadette said...

Excellent - you've given me an excuse to get the book in audio format (like I needed an excuse to buy another book)and to do some web surfing about 2 of my favourite subjects (mysteries and egypt).

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hello, Kerrie,
I'd be honored to have my site included in the tour. Agatha Christie is my favourite author, and in my blog, I often mention her approach to the sleuth, the setting, etc. I could do 20, 21, or 22 Sept., as long as I know. My blog site is:
Confessions of a Mystery Novelist: http://margotkinberg.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including me...now again on what am I supposed to post? Or is it up to me?

Kerrie said...

I'll put you down for the 20th Margot.
Everyone - It is up to you what you do - just something about Christie.
If you tell me the exact URL of the post once it is up, then I will include it on my post for the day

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kerrie, for including me : ). I'm really looking forward to it!

Margaret (BooksPlease) said...

Put me down for the 21st Kerrie. Re my house move, we've seen several houses we like, but not in the right locations - they're too isolated and we want to live near/in a village or small town.

Kerrie said...

Many thanks Margaret


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