23 August 2009

Sunday Salon: 22 August 2009

It has been a busy week as usual on MYSTERIES IN PARADISE. Lots of interesting things happening in the crime fiction world as you will see from my various posts.

This weekend sees the beginning of Melbourne Writers Festival, but I won't get there this year unfortunately. The Davitt Awards 2009 were announced on Friday night.
At the end of the week the Ned Kelly Awards for the best in Australian crime fiction will be announced. Check the 2009 shortlist.

I announced the winners of my giveaway of THE WHITE QUEEN yesterday, and the winners have already contacted me with their snail mail addresses.

Two of my blogs, MYSTERIES IN PARADISE and THE AGATHA CHRISTIE READING CHALLENGE BLOG CARNIVAL have been nominated for a BBAW Award. Voting begins in September.

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  • now - THE BUILD UP, Philip Gwynne
  • then - BLACK ICE, Leah Giarratano
  • in the car - THE VICTORIA VANISHES, Christopher Fowler

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