8 August 2009

How many books will you read this year?

This was the poll running here for the last week. As you can see most people are in that 50-150 range.
I'm right in the middle of that - around 110 this year which will be about the same as last year. I'm "reading" more audio books than I have in the past which I guess means I'm reading less print books.

How are you going?

Do you keep records?


Uriah Robinson said...

About to finish number 39 and already half way through number 40. I don't usually read more than one book at a time but number 39 is enjoyable but a bit slow and plodding. When the clocks go back and the cricket season ends I might read two books a week so 70 might be my total for the year.

Marg said...

I keep spreadsheets to track my reads, what I want to read, and what is due back to the library when!

I am way behind where I am normally at this time of year. So far I have finished 94 books this year.


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