27 August 2010

Get Reading Australia

Get Reading is the Australian book industry's annual promotion of books developed through the Australia Council for the Arts. It runs from August 25 to September 30.

For each book you purchase from the Get Reading "50 Books You Can't Put Down" selection in that period, you are eligible to choose a FREE copy of either Tickled Onions or 10 Short Stories You Must Read in 2010.

The short stories in 10 Short Stories You Must Read are written by Australian authors
Maggie Alderson, Georgia Blain, Mark Dapin, Nick Earls, Alex Miller, Judy Nunn, Malla Nunn, Craig Silvey, Rachael Treasure and Christos Tsiolkas.

Tap into the online ebook detailing the 50 books by clicking on image to the right.

Crime Fiction offerings are a bit lean but the books on offer are:
  • BLEED FOR ME by Michael Robotham
  • TRUTH by Peter Temple
  • KING OF THE CROSS, Mark Dapin
You can buy the books online at Booktopia or drop into your local participating bookstore to pick up a copy of the mini guide and buy there.  Onl;ine at Booktopia you can save between 15 - 25% on most books, which, if you are in Australia will more than pay for the postage.
Postage costs $6.50 per order for regular mail for anyone within Australian delivery address. Order as many books as you want and it is only $6.50 per order.
Sorry, if you are overseas, it is still costly. Details here.

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - This looks like a great program : ).


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