28 August 2010

Are you reading e-books?

Earlier this year I ran this poll - see the post behind the poll
I'm interested to see whether the balance has changed (although I have slightly changed the focus of the poll too).
Amazon has been saying for example that sales of e-books have been outdoing hardbacks - not surprising in my opinion because I so rarely buy hardbacks, but I'm wondering whether readers of my blog have ventured more definitely into the e-book world.

So you might be reading e-books on any one of a number of devices these days: a Kindle, a Kobo, an iPad, on your computer etc.

Take the poll in the right hand column and then leave a comment about your e-book reading experience.
Has it reduced the number of paper books you are buying, or your library borrowings?
How are you finding availability of books? Are you reading books you might not have read before you acquired your reader?

If you answered No - how close are you to acquiring an e-reader? Do you have questions I can help you with?


Anonymous said...

Before I had my kindle, I was already limiting my book purchases to hardcovers I wanted to keep. Now, I am willing to purchase ebooks, as long as they're less than $6 or so.

Anonymous said...

I love my Kindle and just got back from a two-week vacation. It went along, of course. I suspect that I am reading 60-40% with e-books the second number. I do go through spurts where I read back-to-back books on my Kindle and visa-versa. Love the convenience.

Kerrie said...

I'm also very tempted by the cheaper books - my TBR of e-books is growing.
Do you know about Books on the Knob? http://booksontheknob.blogspot.com/
I use Feed My Inbox (http://www.feedmyinbox.com) to get the blog post delivered to me every day by email

Kerrie said...

Kay, last time I was away I took 2 paper books and my Kindle, instead of about 14 weighty books. It was wonderful. I'm still reading lots of paper books though, and about 2 Kindle books a month.

Sean Wright said...

I am reading classics and anything free or low cost that will work on Adobe digital editions and Kindle for PC. If I had the money I would probably go Kindle at around $139 for the notes functionality. This year I have ought 3 paperbacks online, collected some low cost secondhand classics and bought one e-book.

Kerrie said...

You might like to look for MYSTERY OF THE HANSOM CAB by Fergus Hulme in the Kindle store Sean. Also download the Magic catalog from the Gutenberg Project
Lots of free classics there.

Brian Kavanagh said...

I really like my Kindle and I'm reading much more and also buying more eBooks.
And I support reading Mystery of a Hansom Cab!

Bernadette said...

I'm still not tempted - I really do not need any more books to read and I haven't been travelling much lately so don't have that impetus. I'm sure I will eventually but at the moment I think it would just add yet another way for me to add to my TBR pile and that's the last think I need.

Clare said...

I have an iPad and LOVE the choice of ebooks. I can read kindle, nook as well as ibooks and so far I have really enjoyed the experience of reading off the device. I was very surprised that the transition was so easy - having been a major paper book lover. I have to say now I am hooked! I am buying more books than ever.

Kerry said...

I don't have a specific ebook reader, but I read ebooks all the time on my iPhone and love it.

My reading works out at about 50/50 ebooks/paper these days, although a number of those paper ones are because they aren't available as an ebook or come from the library. If I could get anything as an ebook, my reading would be primarily ebook. As it is, it's about 50/50 as I said.

Elizabeth Frengel said...

I can't imagine Miss Lemon will ever make the leap.... For starters, she has way too many of the printed books pressing on her as it is. She's not much of s fan of the plugged in culture, I'm afraid.

Though who knows ... she could surprise us!


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