7 August 2010

Review: BURIAL, Neil Cross

published Simon & Schuster 2009
ISBN 978-0-74323-141-3
291 pages

Nathan and Bob have the worst sort of link: between them they had killed a girl and covered up her death by burying her body. Eleven years on Bob turns up on Nathan's doorstep, convinced the girl is calling to him for proper burial. Despite his overburdened conscience, Nathan has married and managed to build an executive life. Now Bob threatens to destroy all that. Of course Nathan's wife knows nothing of the secret event that binds him to Bob, but he knows that if she finds out, she will be out of his life forever.

That I have read BURIAL in two sittings is testimony to what a page turner it is. Neil Cross has an easy to read style, and is an excellent builder of tension. I'll be looking to read more

My rating: 4.8

Read the opening chapter online.

Born in Bristol (United Kingdom), Cross has lived in Wellington, New Zealand for the past several years. He has been the lead writer on the hit BBC TV series Spooks, and written his latest books, while living in New Zealand. source - Crime Watch

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