12 August 2010

To read an e-book or not?

I thought those of you interested in the e-book debate might enjoy these two posts on Read Write Web

First of all 5 ways that ebooks are better than paper books
These aren't all reasons I would have chosen
The writer chose
  1. Social Highlighting
  2. Notes
  3. Look-up of Words
  4. Ability to Tweet & Facebook quotes
  5. Search
Like many of the commenters on the blog post I would have chosen
  • the ability to carry many books with you, in fact a whole library, in one small device
  • the ability to buy a book virtually as soon as the idea hits me
  • that I can choose a font size that suits my aging eyes
  • the fact that the books are generally cheaper
In a follow up post, 5 ways that paper books are better than ebooks, the writer, Richard MacManus cited
  1. Feel
  2. Packaging
  3. Sharing
  4. Keeping
  5. Second Hand Books
His last word:
In the final analysis though, the real value of any book - whether read via paper or electronically - is in the words.


    Mason Canyon said...

    I would definitely go with your select over theirs. I keep saying I'm not getting an e-reader because I love books, but more and more ARC are being sent as e-books. So I either have to stay glued to my computer or think about getting a reader.

    BTW, I completely agree with MacManus' final analysis.

    Thoughts in Progress

    Nan said...

    That says it all, doesn't it? Both the pros and cons, and the 'final analysis.' I have pre-ordered the new, cheaper, wifi kindle for $139 for all the reasons you stated.

    Rob Kitchin said...

    My cons on an e-book reader at the minute are:

    1) they ain't cheap, which leads to
    2) how shatterproof, waterproof, dogproof, etc are they? And what happens when I break/lose the damn thing?
    3) I don't need to carry a library with me - just a couple of books (books are not like songs, where you dip in and out).
    4) they don't smell/feel/bend like a book
    5) I don't make notes when reading novels - they're entertainment not work
    6) and a big negative to me - they will put local bookshops out of business

    I'm not anti-ereaders. I just can't get enthused to buy one.

    Maria said...

    I love the instant download! No waiting for shipment to arrive, no having to check the library (especially if the book is cheap!) And I'm about to go on travel--these days luggage costs so much, it is going to be great to take along 5 (or more books) including some travel guides. All on one gadget.

    I also love the sample feature. That really helps me decide if I want to purchase!


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