26 December 2010

Celebrating 350 reviews on MiP

I can't let the occasion of having just uploaded my 350th review, THE RING OF DEATH, by Sally Spencer, pass without comment.

You can see them all on Smik's Reviews - the Full List

When I began this blog just on 3 years ago, I created it so that I would have a place to write my reviews.
[I also store them on Library Thing and have been doing so since April 2007, so there are just over 500 over there. I have an Access database begun in December 2004 with 730 records in it, and my notebooks kept since 1975 have 2998 books listed in them]

But I did decide when I began blogging that I would take the time to write a review of every book I read, even the ones I don't finish.
The act of writing forces me to think about what I like and don't like about a book, and often to do a bit of research about the author, and/or the series it is part of.

Importantly, it is a project I enjoy, so I can't see myself stopping any time soon. I just wish I could read faster!


Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations on your 350th review posted. That's awesome.

Thoughts in Progress

Bernadette said...

Congratulations Kerrie. I find the process of writing the review is a good extension to my reading of a book and I can generally remember more about the book if I've written a review about it.

Jose Ignacio Escribano said...

Congratulation Kerrie. I fully subscribe Bernadette's words. It is great fun, a good extension and a way to remember better what we have read. An extra bonus is to find people with whom we share a similar interest in books.

Maria said...

Wow! Just Wow!

kathy d. said...

That is amazing!

Congratulations on the 350 reviews, and thank you for the reviews and book information at this website.


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