30 December 2010

Canadian Book Challenge 2010-2011 Update, 30 December 2010

The Canadian Book Challenge is hosted by John Mutford who blogs at The Book Mine Set.
You have one year to read 13 Canadian books and review them somewhere online, from Canada Day, July 1st, 2010- Canada Day, July 1st, 2011. There will be check-ins at the beginning of each month to see how everyone is progressing and have their current status marked in the sidebar of this blog. Participants are encouraged to read each others' reviews, discuss the books, and cheer one another on.

As always, my books will all be crime fiction.

So far
  1. 4.9, A RULE AGAINST MURDER,  Louise Penny (20 July 2010)
  2. 4.6, ALL THE COLOURS OF DARKNESS, Peter Robinson (10 September 2010)
  3. 4.5, FEAR THE WORST, Linwood Barclay (11 October 2010)
  4. 4.5, NEGATIVE IMAGE, Vicki Delany (17 December 2010)
  5. 4.7, ROOM, Emma Donoghue (23 December 2010)
  6. 4.6, NEVER LOOK AWAY, Linwood Barclay (28 December)
  7. 4.4, LOVE YOU TO DEATH, Gail Bowen (28 December)
  8. 4.5, MIDNIGHT CAB, James W. Nichol (1 Jan 2011) 
already on my shelves:
Peter Robinson, A DEDICATED MAN
Peter Robinson, BAD BOY
Vicki Delany, WHITEOUT
William Deverell, APRIL FOOL

On my Kindle


On order from the library
Louise Penny, BURY YOUR DEAD

Suggestions from blog readers: Catherine Hunter, Michael van Rooy and Allan Levine.

Good reference point: Arthur Ellis Awards shortlist; past winners

Virtual Peaks to be scaled
GLEN VALLEY (1 book read)
WHITE HILL (2 books read)
ISHPATINA RIDGE (3 books read)
MOUNT CARLETON (4 books read)
BALDY MOUNTAIN (5 books read)
CYPRESS HILLS (6 books read)
MONT D'IBERVILLE (7 books read)
MOUNT CAUBVICK (8 books read)
BARBEAU PEAK (9 books read)
MOUNT NIRVANA (10 books read)
MOUNT COLUMBIA (11 books read)
MOUNT FAIRWEATHER (12 books read)
MOUNT LOGAN (13 or more books read)


kathy d. said...

I need to catch up on Canadian writers.

I discovered L.R. Wright a few years ago, and liked her writing immediately, starting off with her first, "The Suspect," which I'm glad to see you will read soon.

I just found her third book republished by Felony & Mayhem, and bought it, thinking I'll start of the new year well.

I have enjoyed all of Linwood Barclay's books; they are perfect for us insomniacs who can't put his books down.

Look forward to reading your reviews.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Oh, these look terrific! I'm especially interested in reading what you think of the Robinsons, the Barclay and the the Penny.


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