28 December 2010

2010 translated books: crime fiction of course

I've read a good swag of translated crime fiction this year, 20 of them, quite a few Scandinavian.
I was surprised at how many of them were Spanish or Portuguese.
You'll see what good reads most of them were from my high ratings.
I gave 14 books a rating of 5 this year, and 6 of them were translated.

5.0, THE FIFTH WOMAN, Henning Mankell (Swedish)
5.0, DEVIL'S PEAK, Deon Meyer (Afrikaans)
5.0, THE SNOWMAN, Jo Nesbo (Norwegian)
5.0, HYPOTHERMIA, Arnaldur Indridason  (Icelandic)
5.0, THE MAN FROM BEIJING, Henning Mankell  (Swedish)
5.0, THE DARKEST ROOM, Johan Theorin  (Swedish)
4.8, THIRTEEN HOURS, Deon Meyer (Afrikaans)
4.7, THE WATER'S EDGE, Karin Fossum (Norwegian)
4.6, RED APRIL, Santaigo Roncagliolo (Spanish) 
4.6, ICE MOON, Jan Costin Wagner (German)
4.6, CROSSFIRE, Miyuke Miyabe (Japanese)
4.5, UNKNOWN, Marie Jungstedt (Swedish)
4.5, AUGUST HEAT, Andrea Camilleri (Spanish)
4.5, THE REUNION, Simone Van Der Vlugt (Dutch)
4.5, THE SILENCE OF THE RAIN, Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza (Portuguese)
4.5, UNSPOKEN, Mari Jungsted (Swedish)
4.5, THURSDAY NIGHT WIDOWS, Claudia Pineiro (Spanish)
4.4, BADFELLAS, Tonino Benacquista (French)
4.3, THE LAST POPE, Luis Miguel Rocha (Portuguese)
4.0, HAVANA BLACK, Leonardo Padura (Spanish)

1 comment:

Dorte H said...

Great list.

I am not going to publish my list as I have no idea which of my British & American books I read in English anyway. These days I read most of them in English which wouldn´t count, and somehow that feels a bit unfair ;D


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