10 December 2010

Which Challenges in 2011 - followup

Since my Weekly Geeks post last Saturday I have been giving some serious thought to which Challenges I will participate in during 2011. You'll see the results of my decisions in the right hand margin.

I had already decided that I would take part in
  • The Agatha Christie Reading Challenge:
    in 2011 I hope to read at least another 12 titles in my quest to read the novels and short stories of Agatha Christie roughly in the order in which they were published. This is a challenge that I manage, in conjunction with a monthly blog carnival.
  • The 2011 Global Reading Challenge:
    I have committed myself to Expert level: 21 titles, all crime fiction, 3 titles each from 7 "continents"
  • The Canadian Book Challenge 2010-2011:
    I have to read to 13 books by Canadian authors by 1 July 2011. So far I've read 3.
and then I added
Since then I've joined
And now I'm keeping an eye out for a
  • New Zealand crime fiction challenge
  • Historical crime fiction challenge- this I think will be my own variation of a Historical fiction challenge
  • the 2011 edition of the 100+ Reading Challenge, although in reality I don't need to join a challenge to do that. I could just set myself a personal goal, say 130, and aim for it.
I also decided to give the Crime Fiction Alphabet a run again. This is not so much a challenge as a weekly meme, with a different letter of the alphabet featured each week beginning 10 January 2011.
In addition I'll keep contributing to Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books

Looking for some Challenge Ideas? - A Novel Challenge is a great resource.

Like my friend Bernadette at Reactions to Reading, I am anxious to get reading some of the unread books I have both on my shelves and on my Kindle.
I also want to support fellow bloggers who are running these reading challenges as well as find out what books people are enjoying reading.

Last night, in an attempt to get organised I worked out what books might fit for which challenge, and, thank goodness, there will be some books that can count for more than one challenge.
After I had made lists using about 70 of the titles sitting in my TBRs, it struck me that I have quite a number of titles which won't be counted in any of the challenges unless I do something like the British Book Challenge and an American Crime Fiction Challenge.


kathy d. said...

I am bowled over by all of these challenges, but you read so quickly, you'll do them all.

I'll read what I can, and try for some of the challenges, but the sheer number is daunting.

However, I will enjoy your reviews and look for the books that you highly recommend.

I particularly would like to read more Aussie authors, especially women, and more global books, in general, with a broader view.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I am always in awe of the number of challenges you can take on and meet. There are so many terrific ones out there, and I've been thinking about them, too. I've got two books of my own I want to finish writing this year, though, so I will probably limit myself as far as challenges go.

Bev Hankins said...

Welcome to the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge! I'm really thrilled to see so many signing up...I had no idea how my first challenge would go. Be watching for a post at the beginning of the year as a place to link up reviews and post progress.

If a new 100+ Challenge doesn't get posted, you might consider the "Outdo Yourself Challenge" sponsored by Book Vixen(http://www.thebookvixen.com/2010/11/2011-reading-challenge-sign-up-outdo.html). I'm in to read 16+ more books than I do in 2010.

Danielle C. said...

Several of the challenges you named are new to me but very tempting, so thank you, Kerrie. And if you decide to host your own historical crime fiction challenge, you can count me in!


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