10 January 2011

Crime Fiction Alphabet 2011 - Letter A - week begins 10 Jan 2011

The Alphabet in Crime Fiction - a Community Meme.

This week's letter is the letter A:

Here are the rules

By Friday of each week you have to write a blog post about crime fiction related to the letter of the week.
[Those who intend to participate regularly have signed up here.]

Your post MUST be related to either the first letter of a book's title, the first letter of an author's first name, or the first letter of the author's surname.
So you see you have lots of choice.
You could write a review, or a bio of an author, so long as it fits the rules somehow.
(It is ok too to skip a week.)
Link your post for the week back to this page.

After your post is published, put a link to your actual blog post in the Mr Linky that appears below.
(leave a comment if Mr Linky has disappeared)

Then come back at the end of the week to check to see who else has posted and visit their blog (and leave a comment if you can).

Please check each Monday for the letter of the week (a letter image will be supplied that you can use in your post as well as the meme icon if you wish).

Thanks for participating.


Bev Hankins said...

I've put mine up a little bit early. Next week is the first week of classes at the univeristy where I work, I may be brain-dead each night and not feeling like posting. Wanted to be sure and get this one done.

Lynossa (Deranged Book Lovers) said...

I decide to post it early because I'm afraid I will be lost in the middle of work. Lots of options for A but I bet we'll see a lot of Agatha Christie's!!

Jose Ignacio Escribano said...

A is for Arriaga, Guillermo. Mexican writer, screenwriter, director and producer.

Sally said...

I did something wrong because the title didn't post and it didn't link to the post only the blog. The book is A Lily of the Field by John Lawton

Kerrie said...

All fixed Sally :-)

Dorte H said...

I am not sure I´ll play every week, but this week it suited me admirably.

Thank you for hosting it.

Anonymous said...

I loved this challenge last year and am soooooo glad it is back. I will probably primarily post author bios

Kiwicraig said...

Bit late starting, but into it now. Going to try and do as many Kiwi posts as possible this year (did 11 of 26 letters last year, aiming for the full 26 in 2011), although that may be a challenge with some of the letters.

Kerrie said...

Good to have you participating Craig - I look forward to learning about more NZ authors

Yvette said...

Kerrie: I can't find the link for the Letter G on your Alphabet post. Also your email thing is not working. It will not accept my email no matter what I do. GAK! I tried to send you the link that way.

Anyway, the Letter G is now up on my blog.


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