6 January 2011

Best Crime Fiction Read in 2010 - the top titles

Since late 2010 I have been collecting best reads in crime fiction. Many thanks to the 23 commenters who have suggested 220 titles.

Below is the first distillation, 7 books that have been mentioned more than twice.

9 - GUNSHOT ROAD, Adrian Hyland (my rating 5)
6 - THE DARKEST ROOM , Johan Theorin (my rating 5)
5 - HYPOTHERMIA, Arnaldur Indridason (my rating 5)
4 - TRUTH, Peter Temple (my rating 5)
3 - THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, Stieg Larsson (my rating 4.7)
3 - THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET'S NEST, Stieg Larsson (my rating 4.6)
3 - THIRTEEN HOURS, Deon Meyer (my rating 4.8)

I am more than delighted with the acclamation for these authors, but in particular for Australian authors Adrian Hyland, recommended by 9 out of 23 participants, and Peter Temple, recommended by 4.
For me it affirms that Australian writers are a force to be reckoned with.

Interesting too that of the other 5, all are translated crime fiction, and 4 are Scandinavian.

In the middle of the year I collected a list of best crime fiction reads for 2010 from readers of this blog.
Hyland's popularity has made its running in the latter part of the year.

Tomorrow I'll will publish the tops in authors and then sometime next week the full list.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for the work you've done compiling this list. I appreciate it. I'm pleased to see such fine titles among the top reads!

Bernadette said...

What an intelligent bunch your readers are - not a dud among those (and I'm so glad to see Gunshot Road being so widely recommended)

LauraR said...

I am sure that Gunshot Road would have been on my list if I'd been able to get hold of a copy, I've not seen it in the UK bookshops or libraries, so suspect will have to be an online order....

Harvee said...

I recommend Edgar Award and now Macavity Award nominee, Then Queen of Patpong by Timothy Hallinan! Published by Morrow.


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