30 January 2011

Sunday Salon, 30 January 2011 - some crime fiction treats for you

Good morning fellow Sunday Saloners.

I hope your reading is going well, and that today you find some space and time to get more done. My own reading is going well. I have read and reviewed 15 crime fiction titles this month, and there may be even time for the 16th. Hot weather here in Adelaide is making the air conditioned lounge very attractive!

This week has been a busy one on MYSTERIES in PARADISE.
  • To celebrate Australia Day 2011 Bernadette (Reactions to Reading) and I re-launched our revamped joint blog, now named Fair Dinkum Crime
    We aim to feature reviews, news, interviews relating to Australian crime fiction which includes books written by Australian authors or set in Australia.
    So bookmark us, add it to your favourites, or even go as far as to become a friend, but above all keep an eye on our progress.
    We'll suggest some great Australian crime fiction reading.
    We are particularly interested in hearing from bloggers who have posted a review of an Australian crime fiction novel and would like it re-published, or Australian crime fiction authors who would like to sponsor a novel giveaway or would like to be "interviewed" by one of us.

  • Earlier this month I set up another round of the Crime Fiction Alphabet, a meme where participants suggest crime fiction authors and titles related to the letter of the week.
    This week's letter was the letter C.
    This is a fun meme where you can participate regularly or just when you have time.

  • On Friday I hosted this week's edition of Friday's Forgotten Books. In this meme participants remind us of crime fiction books of the past. Again, it is a fun meme to participate in.

  • And then, I've also read some great books. So if you are looking for some great crime fiction check this week's reviews:
    THE BRUTAL TELLING, Louise Penny - Canadian author and setting
    THE HALF-CHILD, Angela Savage - Australian author, set in Thailand
    THE RULE BOOK, Rob Kitchin - Irish author and setting
Kontactr Me: I came across a great little gadget for my blog. Check it out just under my Who Am I information. It lets people email me quite detailed information/requests privately without having to activate their email. If it interests you'll find it out here.
If you scroll down a bit you'll also notice the Revolver Map that I added at the beginning of December 2010. It currently shows that I've had over 13,000 visits since December 3.
At the top right of mypage I've added a Blogoversary button that counts down to my next blogoversary.

News & Headlines for the last couple of weeks:
TBRN (To Be Read Next)
  • now - BURY YOUR DEAD, Louise Penny
  • next - THREE SECONDS, Roslund & Hellstrom
  • now on Kindle - THE GHOST OF A FLEA, John Brindle
  • next on Kindle - OPERATION NAPOLEON, Arnaldur Indridason
  • now on audio - IN THE TEETH OF THE EVIDENCE, Dorothy L. Sayers
  • next on audio STARTED EARLY, TOOK MY DOG , Kate Atkinson
  • then on audio - DIED IN THE WOOL, Ngaio Marsh
  • next Agatha Christie - DEATH ON THE NILE


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - First, my thanks to you and Bernadette for revamping and setting up Fair Dinkum Crime. It's a fine resource!

You've got some lovely reads coming up, I think. I'm really eager to see what you think of Died in the Wool, Started Early... and of course Death on the Nile. :-)

Bernadette said...

I see the heat is doing wonders for your reading too - I've churned through several this weekend :)

Bought a couple of new Aussie crime titles by unknown (to me) authors at the queensland flood auction site - now I just have to read 'em

Dorte H said...

I´m glad you mention Jussi Adler-Olsen´s prize - I think his series will appeal to my English blog friends when it comes out in May (the debut is probably not quite up to his later standards, still the sidekick and the humour won me over immediately).


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