15 January 2011

Review: OUR LADY OF PAIN, Elena Forbes - audio

This is the first I've read of Elena Forbe's titles, and I'm very impressed.

OUR LADY OF PAIN downloads from Audible in 2 parts and in the first part comes across as a fairly conventional police procedural with the officer in charge of the investigation a careful and meticulous detective who believes in taking every possible step to accumulate evidence.The crime at first appears to be a stand-alone and they focus on establishing on events happening in the 12 or so hours prior to the victim's death.

As a reader/listener you begin to wonder what on earth can happen in the second part to extend the novel for a further 6 hours of listening. And then new evidence comes forward, and the investigation heads off in a different direction, and the original crime seems to recede into the shadows.

Very enjoyable reading and listening. My rating 4.5

Read another review at Petrona.

I'm "counting" this in the British Books Challenge


Martin Edwards said...

I read Forbes' first book and thought that pretty good, too.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for this review. I think it's interesting when an author seems to change focus partway through a novel and can carry the reader along...


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