3 January 2011

Challenges I've joined in 2011

I've probably ventured into land of foolishness for 2011, over-committed myself to blazes, but time will tell.
I do intend to use the books I read in more than one challenge, so that will help a bit.
Overall I'm aiming at reading somewhere near 140 books.
As always my "extra" to each challenge is that my books will be crime fiction.
I will count all the books I read, made-from-paper, e-books, and audio books in my total.

Looking for some Challenge Ideas?

Here are the challenges and my level of commitment.

Canadian Book Challenge 2010-2011
I have to read 13 books by Canadian authors by 1 July 2011.
So far I've read 8, so I'm well on track.
2011 Global Reading Challenge:

Challenge site 

I have committed myself to reading 21 titles, all crime fiction, 3 titles each from 7 "continents". I think my 7th continent will be historical crime fiction.
2011 Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge

Get a Clue Level: 7-9 books,
must have been written prior to 1960

Progress page on the challenge site
Cruisin' thru Cosies Reading Challenge

I'll try for Investigator: 7-12 books

Definition: most cozies take place in a small town or village, generally considered "gentle" books, and the sleuth is usually an amateur.
Ireland Reading Challenge

aiming for Luck o' the Irish level (4 books)

Agatha Christie Reading Challenge

I'm aiming for my next 12 titles.

How to join the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge

Aussie Author Challenge

I'm aiming for True Blue: 12 books
Nordic Challenge 2011

I'm aiming for Odin 11-20 books
e-book challenge

I'm aiming for obsessed: 20 books
British Books Challenge
Royal Family level: 12 books by British authors.
Historical Fiction Challenge
Daring & Curious : 5 books
something New Zealand maybe 4-6 books
This is a personal challenge more than anything else.

It will be an overlapping challenge, and I aim to exceed 20 titles which was my total this year.
Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge

I'm aiming for Out of Breath: 6-10 more books than in 2010 when I read 136

My aim is 142+ and will include all books read in all formats include audio books.
Again, another personal challenge.
In 2010 I read 46 new-to-me authors and I'll be keeping count in 2011 to see if I can exceed that total, even by 1.

Memes I'll be participating in

Crime Fiction Alphabet
I manage this one.
Each week, beginning Monday 10 January 2011, you have to write a blog post about crime fiction related to the letter of the week.
Your post MUST be related to either the first letter of a book's title, the first letter of an author's first name, or the first letter of the author's surname.
Sunday Salon

Over 500 bloggers worldwide share their reading reports every Sunday
Weekly Geeks

A weekly task for book bloggers is set every weekend.
I participate most of the time.
Friday's Forgotten Books Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books
is a weekly meme when we talk about crime fiction titles of the past.


Bernadette said...

I'm almost tempted to join a couple more challenges from your list but I think I've set myself enough hurdles for the year. I have decided not to use a book for more than one challenge and I want to be able to read some non-challenge books too :)

Kerrie said...

Although I'm allowing books to count for more than one challenge, I am also generally posing a rule of "different authors" on each list. I've also decided I will generally only do one overview monthly update/ progress report, otherwise I will be forever filling my blog up with update posts. The exceptions will be my Agatha Christie update which will be a separate monthly one, and the Canadian one which will become quarterly and should be finished mid year.

bermudaonion said...

Wow! Good luck with all of your challenges!

kathy d. said...

Wow! This is making me exhausted, just thinking of all the challenges and requirements and the sheer numbers of books that need to be read.

I'm going to start the year at a leisurely pace, and see what I'm in the mood to read.

I can start a challenge later, but will be following the challenges at my usual websites with great interest, looking for hints to good books.

Marg said...

I decided that this year I only wanted to do challenging challenges, but suddenly find that I have only signed up for four - and only one of them isn't on your list!

I was a little surprised, but very pleased, to see the Historical Fiction challenge on your list. You don't seem to read a lot of historical crime.

Unknown said...

Wow, 2011 is the year of the challenge. I am impressed and in AWE.
I wish you luck with ALL of them but especially the British Books Challenge. Thanks for signing up!

Susan said...

Your post reminded me that I have a couple of challenges I'm thinking of signing up for! I'm also looking at your ABC mysteries, which looks fun. I hope you have as much fun completing these challenges as I've had reading about them!


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