12 October 2008

Bouchercon is obviously the place to be

So many whose blogs I follow are at Bouchercon as well as online friends from 4MA and oz_mystery_readers.
They all sound as if they are having such a great time, and here in Adelaide I'm eating my heart out.

I've made a couple of blog postings about it before.
The Macavity, Barry, and Crimespree awards have been announced, as have the Shamus.

In a few hours time the Anthony Awards will be announced and in particular I have fingers and toes crossed for Maddy Van Hertbruggen the creator of 4MA who has been shortlisted for a Special Services award.
4MA is a very busy and well run Yahoo list that I have been a member of for over 6 years.
Along with Maddy I think there are over 20 4MA list members so if she wins you'll locate them by the big noise they make. If she wins, and you have read this, you have my permission to tell her that Kerrie sends special congratulations.

Two oz_mystery_readers members are also there. Fran Read from Tasmania will be with the 4MAers, and Peter Rozovsky (Detectives Beyond Borders) from Philadelphia has been keeping me informed on his blog.

Others whose blogs I follow who seem to be there:
Martin Edwards
Roger Ellory
Sandra Ruttan
Pattinase (Patti Abbott)
Stuart MacBride
Books to the Ceiling (Roberta Rood)
Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind (Sarah Weinman)
Crime Always Pays (Declan Burke)
Janet Reid (Hey, There's a Dead Guy)
J. Kingston Pierce (Rap Sheet)

What do they all have in common? - me!


Peter Rozovsky said...
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Peter Rozovsky said...

If they are awake and about and if my reflexes and senses have not degenerated too drastically, I will look for Fran, Roger and Maddy in the morning.

I've already had pleasant meetings with some of the others on your list.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"


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