23 October 2008

The seal of approval from Library Thing!

Many thanks to Mack Lundy of Mack Captures Crime for letting me know that Library Thing has apparently decided that I am a "vetted" reviewer.
Library Thing has introduced a feature called Library Thing for Libraries. Basically selected reviews are being poured into library catalogues. So that when some one in those libraries searches the catalogue for a book, they can also see "vetted" reviews from Library Thing.

Mack did a search for Robert Fate, author of a book he has himself recently reviewed, and up came my review of BABY SHARK.
So I have searched for WHEN WILL THERE BE GOOD NEWS? and NO TIME FOR GOODBYE and my reviews for them are both there.

I have been a member of Library Thing since April 2007, and in that time have added 255 books to my catalogue. My rule is that if I add a book I add my review as well. Some of the reviews I have added pre-date my blog and so some of those are a bit light. But all the reviews I've added since I have begun blogging, and also those that I have also submitted to Reviewer's Choice are all a pretty good length.

Library Thing says that there are currently 200,000 vetted reviews available and the service has been taken up by three libraries.

Check it out. Three libraries are currently showing reviews, together with the other LibraryThing for Libraries enhancements--similar books, tags and other editions and translations. Click on the reviews wording (see above) to launch the reviews "lightbox."More information for interested libraries available here.
It seems that already another 70+ libraries are using LTFL in some way.

To say I am chuffed is an understatement!


Marg said...

That's great Kerrie!

I don't use Library Thing anywhere near as much as I should!

Kerrie said...

Thanks Marg. I'm flattered, but also a bit mystified that Library Thing doesn't seem to have thought it worth telling us if our reviews have been selected.


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