14 October 2008

Ten more Australian author photos to guess

Some weeks ago I ran an Australian author photos competition.
It wasn't all that successful, the consensus was that it was all too hard, took too much effort.
Well, never mind, here's another.

This time there are 10 photos labelled 1-10.
Underneath you will find a list of names to match to the numbered photos.
If you have time, here's a tip: search for the name in Google Images: http://images.google.com.au/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi
That should help.
Then, when you've worked them all out, post a comment listing who is who.
I am putting the comments into moderation so you won't see what anybody else has guessed.
You have until Tuesday next week (October 20) to guess.
Three prizes up for grabs: 3 winners. .
    Leah Giarratano, VOODOO DOLL
If you are a winner, and have all of those, I'm sure I can find you another.
If you are a winner outside Australia then its surface mail I'm afraid.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
Choose from
  • Barry Maitland
  • Kirsty Brooks
  • Tom Kenneally
  • Helen Garner
  • Peter Corris
  • Felicity Pulman
  • Patricia Carlon
  • Dorothy Porter
  • Jon Cleary
  • Janet Turner Hospital


Anonymous said...

OK I'll have a go this time - I've only got half these authors on my bookshelves

1 = Peter Corris
2 = Patricia Carlon
3 = Dorothy Porter
4 = Felicity Pulman
5 = Helen Garner
6 = Janet Turner Hospital
7 = Jon Cleary
8 = Tom Kenneally
9 = Kirsty Brooks
10 = Barry Maitland

Kerrie said...

Well done Bernadette 10/10
Which of the books would you like to earmark for you?

Anonymous said...

• Barry Maitland 10
• Kirsty Brooks 9
• Tom Kenneally 8
• Helen Garner 5
• Peter Corris 1
• Felicity Pulman 4
• Patricia Carlon 2
• Dorothy Porter 3
• Jon Cleary 7
• Janet Turner Hospital 6

Trisha Buckley Qld

Kerrie said...

Well done Trish 10/10
After Bernadette has made her choice then you can tell me which you want - or have you read all that is offer?

Sunnie Gill said...

1. Peter Corris
2. Patricia Carlon
3. Dorothy Porter
4. Felicity Pulman
5. Helen Garner
6 Janet Turner Hospital
7. Jon Cleary
8. Thomas Keneally
9. Kirsty Brooks
10. Barry Maitland

There ya go. If you want to give the prize to someone else I'll happily step aside if you have more entries.

Kerrie said...

Well done Sunnie. 10/10
You certainly know your books too.
Have you read all the books on offer?
I still don't know which Bernadette and Trish want

Kerrie said...

Bernadette has chosen WHEN THERE BE GOOD NEWS?

Kerrie said...


Marg said...

Wow. I am impressed that Bernadette got them all.

In terms of instant recognition I only got 2!


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