19 October 2008

Sunday Salon #30 - 13 October 2008

Apparently last week the Yahoo Pipe had a little choke on my Feedburner feed of this blog, so some of you may not have seen my Sunday Salon posting.
Let's hope this is no longer a problem otherwise once again some of you may miss seeing my words of wisdom.

I'm actually itching to get on with the next title in my self-imposed Agatha Christie Reading Challenge - see the block in the right hand column of my blog.
This week I've posted some book reviewing guidelines that you might like to comment on.

This week I've finished THE VOWS OF SILENCE by Susan Hill, THE MIRACLE AT SPEEDY MOTORS by Alexander McCall Smith, and THE YIDDISH POLICEMEN'S UNION by Michael Chabon. I've decided to add Susan Hill to my favourite authors block.

So far I've managed to keep up with a daily dose of CORDUROY MANSIONS, billed as "the first online novel" by Alexander McCall Smith. We are up to chapter 25. I'm not sure why I am "reading" it (actually listening to the lovely voice of Andrew Sachs read it to me), or whether I'll hang in for the whole 20 weeks.

For the last 2 weeks I've had a poll running.
It asked Where do the books you read generally come from?
15 kind souls participated with the following results:
    5 - a library
    4 - new from the book shop
    2 - ARC or review copy
    1 each - used book shop, from a friend, Book Mooch, other
Somebody did comment it was unfair to have to choose because she used many of them.
If you were a participant, many thanks.

This week's little poll (this is just to give you something to do in your visit) asks When was the book you are currently reading published?

Currently reading:
  • now - BROKEN, Karin Fossum
  • next - THE MURDER ON THE LINKS, Agatha Christie
  • audio book - THE LORD'S DAY, Michael Dobbs
  • also listening to - CORDUROY MANSIONS, Alexander McCall Smith, up to ch. 25
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Brittanie said...

I am here from the feed on Sunday Salon so I think you are okay this week. :) If you like Crime Fiction have you checked out the Ty Buchucan series by James Scott Bell, Tim Downs esp. the Bug Man books, Kanner Lake series by Brandilyn Collins, and I heard Brandt Dobson is good even though I have not read any of his books. :)

Kerrie said...

Thanks for popping in Brittanie, and for the recommendations

Marg said...

I was thinking that you must have been away or something because I haven't had any feeds from your blog for ages. Today I got 25, so expect some comments!

Kerrie said...

How strange Marg.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with you about Susan Hill - she's one of my favorite authors, just such a beautiful writing style. I enjoy Alexander McCall Smith, too, but have only read his Sunday Philosophy Club series, which are crime-less crime stories, kind of - I've never read any of his No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, but maybe I'll give them a shot (I'm not that into cozies, though).

Kerrie said...

What are the Susan Hill more literary novels like, bellenchanted? Is there one you would recommend? I can thoroughly recommend the No 1. Ladies Detective Agency


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