18 October 2008

Friday's Forgotten Books

For over 2 months now I have been participating each week in a project being run by Pattinase called Friday's Forgotten Books in which a bunch of bloggers reminisce about books published some time ago that we think are worth revisiting. You'll see I have a side block on the right where my 5 most recent posts are listed. Look for the bookcase image.

My forgotten books have been coming from my "little green book", a record I began keeping in 1975 that shows title, author, and date when I completed reading the book. On 1 January 2000 I graduated to a little red book because the bindings that held the green book together were disintegrating. By the end of this year the two books between them will hold list about 2,800 books read over a period of 34 years. I read more now than I used to. That has a lot to do with the little birds having flown the nest. What I can also track from the records is my growing interest, indeed passion, for reading crime fiction, and the authors who have been most influential in shaping my reading tastes.

In my blog postings I use the tag Friday's forgotten books, and clicking on the link will generate all my postings, but here is a list of them.
Today Pattinase has listed those who have contributed this week and you might like to check them out.
If you'd like to join the project, I'm sure you would be welcome. It has been running now for about 6 months so if you visit the Pattinase lists, you are sure to be reminded of books you've forgotten.

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