26 October 2008

Sunday Salon #31 - 26 October

This week I have fallen victim to one of the things I warn people about.
I have begun reading WATERLOO SUNSET by Martin Edwards, while in the car I am listening to THE LORD'S DAY by Michael Dobbs.

My problem? In both the central character is called Harry. Their surnames are different, the stories are different, but that didn't stop my brain from having a problem thinking about which one I was "thinking" about. I've think I've got it all straightened out now, but it was touch and go for a while.

I seem to have done a lot of blogging this week and some other things like reading have taken a bit of a back seat. I find my blogging isn't something I do very quickly. Many of my posts need some research. I've only reviewed one book for example.
I've also had a lovely time wandering around commenting on the posts of others. So I'm putting Sunday Salon together relatively quickly and then I'm going to get on with some reading.

This week's posts:
Currently reading:
  • now - WATERLOO SUNSET, Martin Edwards
  • next - BROKEN, Karin Fossum
  • audio book - THE LORD'S DAY, Michael Dobbs
  • also listening to - CORDUROY MANSIONS, Alexander McCall Smith, up to ch. 26
Last week's poll:
The question: When was the book you are currently reading published?
    16 people took the poll
    2008 - 6
    2007 - 2
    2000-2006 - 3
    1990-1999 - 1
    1980-1989 - 1
    1970-1979 - 1
    1950-1969 - 1
    1900-1949 - 0
    before 1900 - 1
What did surprise me was that 50% of the books were published in the last 2 years.

This week's poll:
What Nationality is the author of the book you are reading?
Do pop into my blog and take the poll. It is in the blocks at the side.


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I don't know why, but it seems like I tend to set aside older titles for the latest and greatest. Wish I knew why....

Kerrie said...

Sometimes the older books just are presented less attractively - type face, cover image etc.

Dani In NC said...

It takes me a while to write blog entries, too. I envy those folks who can dash off a witty and readable entry in a few minutes! Commenting on other people's blogs can be time-consuming, too, especially if you are trying to stay active in a certain community.


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