10 April 2010

Review: DEEP WATER, Peter Corris

Publisher: Allen & Unwin 2009
ISBN 978-1-7415-677-7
214 pages

Cliff Hardy wakes up in an intensive care cardiac unit in San Diego, California, to discover he has had a quadruple heart bypass.
Despite the fact that he has earlier been stripped of his private investigator's licence, Cliff agrees to a request by expatriate Australian nurse Margaret McKinley to look into the recent disappearance of her father Dr Henry McKinley back in Sydney.

Not only is Margaret's father still missing when Cliff gets back to Australia, but Henry's close friend Terry Dart has been killed in a hit and run accident. 

The Cliff Hardy series began in 1980 with THE DYING TRADE and has progressed at about a novel a year since then to just over 30 titles. They have given Peter Corris a well deserved reputation in Australian crime fiction. Each title is set in contemporary Australia, usually Sydney and progresses Cliff Hardy's life. I haven't read all of the series, but DEEP WATER was an enjoyable  reminder that I really should. It was the joint winner of the 2009 Ned Kelly Award for best novel.

There is a distinctive Australian flavour to Corris' writing, and certainly in the themes of the novel: the search for sustainable water sources, and corruption in the police force, just to name a couple.

My rating: 4.5

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