15 April 2010

Forgotten Book: DEEP POCKET, Michael Kenyon

Well, I have to confess that I've been able to find out almost nothing about DEEP POCKET, which my records show that I read back in 1979.
I'm hoping my post will jog some memories, so I'm going to witter on about the author.
I did find some information but am not repeating it here as I think it is actually the blurb from a subsequent book THE MOLEHILL FILE.

The following comes from Wikipedia:
Michael Kenyon (1931 – 2005 ) was an author of crime novels. Author of more than 20 humorous mystery novels, he was one of the first in the field of spoof-espionage story telling, but perhaps better known for the Superintendent O'Malley, and latterly Inspector Henry Peckover series of books.
Peckover was especially successful, fondly known as "The Bard Of The Yard". He was also a regular contributor to Gourmet Magazine, The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times.


  • May You Die in Ireland (1965)
  • The Whole Hog (1967)
  • Out of Season (1968)
  • Green Grass (1969)
  • Mr. Big (1975)
  • Brainbox and Bull (1976)
  • The Rapist (1977)
  • Deep Pocket (1978)
  • The Molehill File (1978)

Superintendent O'Malley Series

  • Hundred Thousand Welcomes (1970)
  • Shooting of Dan McGrew (1972)
  • A Sorry State (1974)

Inspector Peckover Series

  • Zigzag (1980)
  • The Man at the Wheel (1982)
  • A Free-Range Wife (1983)
  • A Healthy Way to Die (1986)
  • Peckover Holds the Baby (1988)
  • Kill the Butler! (1991)
  • Peckover Joins the Choir (1992)
  • Peckover and the Bog Man (1994)
The list on Fantastic Fiction.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for this "memory jog." I've never read Deep Pocket, but I do remember reading May You Die in Ireland many years ago.

pattinase (abbott) said...

New to me. May You Die In Ireland is a much more memorable title though--one I would probably pick up and look at at least.


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